We care like you care.

When we look at a dog, we see what you do. Not 4-legs and a tail but something unique and special. We see a friend, a faithful companion and a source of unconditional love.

We see all that because we live with dogs at the center of our lives and treat each one as a member of our family. Like you too, we know the realities of life and work. There are times when you have to leave and it’s not easy. You don’t want your dog to be alone while you’re gone but you don’t trust your friend’s care to just anyone.

Downtown Hound was born with that challenge in mind. A welcome and needed addition to downtown Omaha. Downtown Hound is a friendly, full-service dog and cat daycare and boarding facility. Spotlessly clean, thoroughly modern and staffed by pet loving experts, Downtown Hound features a large, indoor play area for your pet to exercise and socialize in. When the time is right and your pet wants to rest, Downtown Hound has room for your dog to sit or sleep in private and in comfort. Our trained staff keeps a close eye on it all, tending to the special needs of your pet and making sure you return to a fit, fed, exercised pet.

In addition, Downtown Hound has a host of professional services in-house to save you time and trips across town. Professional grooming services, expert training and more is available at your request.

Seeing is believing.

Take our video tour or better yet, stop in and see Downtown Hound for yourself. We think you’ll like what you see and more importantly, so will the special dog or cat in your life.

We invite your scrutiny and work hard to go above and beyond the needs of even the most discriminating pet owners.