Daytime Play

They’re free (and so are you).

Your pet doesn’t enjoy being cooped up all day when you’re at work or have things to do. He or she wants to be free to do what dogs do best. A quick trip to Downtown Hound daycare lets ‘em do just that. In our large play area your dog can be a dog. With like tempered dogs, he or she can socialize and play under the close eye of our trained staff. At the end of the day when you return, your dogs will be more fit, alert and happy to see you.

At the same time, Downtown Hound daycare gives you something important too. When you need to go to work or want to run errands, you can go with confidence knowing your pet will be safe, active and surrounded by affection. Because of our convenient downtown location, you can go quickly and efficiently too. Curbside parking and extended hours add to the convenience of our downtown Omaha location.

You’ll be glad to know too, Downtown Hound daycare has….

•  Indoor supervised play areas to keep your dog safe during play
•  Comfortable rest areas when your dog wants to take a break
•  Play structures for the dogs to climb on
•  Calming music for a relaxed atmosphere

In addition, Downtown Hound wants you to know …

•  Playgroups are made by size and temperament to ensure the right playgroup for your dog
•  All dogs are continually evaluated before to ensure safety