Overnight Stay

A comforting place to stay while you’re away

When work or a vacation takes you out of town, Downtown Hound is available to take great, loving care of your 4-legged friend. We provide safe, comfortable accommodations with lots of care, and attention.

Stop in and see all the great things we offer with your own eyes. We’ve gone to great lengths at Downtown Hound to make sure your pet has a 4-star experience when they stay the night with us. The atmosphere is relaxed and our accommodations are built for maximum comfort. Our staff is top notch too. They’ll cater to the personality of your pet and treat him or her like an honored guest at all times.

During the day, your dog has the option to run and play in our large open play area. Our staff will keep a close eye on your pet. Your pet can dine on healthy nutritious food and snacks during the day and snuggle up in a warm, comfortable bed at night.

For the safety of your animal and for your peace of mind, Downtown Hound has a security system with multiple cameras, tight security rules and procedures to make Downtown Hound a safe place to stay and play at all times.

Convenience is one more great plus. Downtown Hound is just minutes from the airport or interstate saving you time and hassle.